Water Pressure Washer by Gerni #1 Due 22/06/2024

This powerful Gerni 3600 1810psi High Pressure Washer comes with an aluminium pump. Inside the Gerni 3600 box you’ll find a range of accessories to tackle cleaning jobs around the home; From small vehicles, small to medium boats, footpaths, fences, outdoor furniture and brickwork. 
Accessories include  Classic Patio Cleaner, perfect for brick, cement, stone and wood. Easily clean inaccessible areas quickly and efficiently with the  Under Chassis Nozzle with angled nozzle. The  Foam Sprayer allows for the use of cleaning detergents and chemicals and a rotating head and long reach handle the Gerni  Rotary Brush is effective on those hard to reach spots and is gentle on painted surfaces.
It also has  a 6m hose with hose reel coupled with a tall handle and wheels make moving around any home easy.
20m garden hose available from library if required #309

When using a pressure washer it is best to use outdoor taps  - it can be messy so wear appropriate clothes and wipe down before returning - the next borrow will thank you.

  • MAX. PRESSURE  1810psi (12.5MPa) 
  • MAX. WATER FLOW  7.7L/min